Departments Activities

During the yatra, to make the students aware on subjects like importance of reforestation, environment conservation and revitalization of rivers, pollution control and water harvesting several activities viz. painting competitions, Slogan writing, Poster making, street plays, role plays and rallies will be organized in the schools situated on both side of the Narmada River coastal area.

  1. At the entry and exit points of yatra at block level messages on promotion of organic farming and water conservation will be displayed on regular intervals through flex and banners. These flex and banners will also contain welcome note for the yatra dal.
  2. In all the Gram Panchayats and large villages falling on yatra route slogans will be written on various techniques of organic farming.
  3. In all the places where seminar/meetings/choupals will be organized during the yatra, agricultural experts and agricultural scientists will deliver lectures on organic farming, ill effects of burning agricultural residues and river and water conservation.
  4. Literature on organic farming and sustainable agriculture will be distributed to the villagers during the Yatra.
  5. Boards / banners/ sign boards will be affixed to display crop and farm-related works.
  6. Farmers will be advised to plant fruit trees as catch crops along with agriculture.

  1. Restriction of pesticide use in areas adjoining the narmada river.
  2. Fishermaen residing in nearby areas shall be trained for water conservation.
  3. publicity of departmental schemes shall be done during the yatra.

  1. Arrangements for collection of waste from Narmada embankment areas.
  2. Municipal corporations/commisions will arrange scientific disposal units for disposal of dead animals and prevent open disposal of dead bodies.
  3. Steps will be taken to completely ban the use of soaps and detergents on banks for washing clothes,vehicles and animals etc.
  4. Establishment of solid and liquid waste disposal units.
  5. Estaiblishment of public toilets on embankments.
  6. Estaiblishment of changing rooms on embankments.
  7. Publicity of public welfare schemes of the department

Publicity of public welfare schemes of the department .

  1. To create awareness for conservation of the river across all classes of society, youth shall be mobilized and sports activities will organised.
  2. Identification of beneficiary oriented schemes of the department and there publicity.

  1. Establishment of cattle fodder nurseries.
  2. Encouraging farmers to grow green fodder.
  3. Prevention of grazing in river adjoining areas.
  4. Establishment of at least one dry dairy in each village panchayat to make the villages understand the importance of dry cattle also.
  5. Publicity of beneficiary oriented schemes.

  1. Small industrial units of Dona pattal and this sort of industries under the chief ministers self employment programme will be set up on priority basis, in the river adjoining areas of the life line river Narmada.
  2. Setting up of 5-5 small scale and cottage industries is targeted for the year 2016 - 17.
  3. Publicity of employment oriented schemes of the department during the Yatra.
  4. allocation of targets for Pattal Dona manufacturing units the year 2016 -17 in the 16 districts of Narmada adjoining areas.
  5. Setting up of small Kullar plate making units by Maaty Kalaa board (Earthern artistry)under the chief ministers self employment and economic welfare scheme.
  6. Publicity of the mukhyamantri swarojgar Arthik Kalyaan Yojana imparting training of making eco friendly earthen idols.
  7. Connecting the farmers of the area with sericulture activities.
  8. Such as Mulberry plantation and rearing of cocoons.

  1. The regulations and rules regarding the use of Polythene will be complied strictly in the Narmada embankment areas.
  2. Awareness shall be created among the Local people with regard to the regulations prevalent for water, river and forest conservation.
  3. To create awareness about the ill effects of the effluents of industries and factories on health.
  4. Publicity of various beneficiary oriented schemes

  1. Publicity through print media.
  2. Pamphlets folders and posters.
  3. Publicity through electronic media.
  4. Publicity through hoardings banners prachar mobile and social media.

  1. To ensure that no hospitals waste will be disposed off in the districts near the Narmada river.
  2. Compliance of the biomedical waste rule 2016 will be ensured.
  3. If any government or private hospitals disposes Biomedical Waste without treatment then they will be handed over to pollution control board.
  4. The district and block health officer will provide a medical team for first aid and medical assistance assistance during the Yatra.
  5. An ambulance will be made available on the route chart during the Yatra.

  1. On the Narmada Yatra route publicity will be done of the tourist places and the pilgrim places by putting hoardings on prominent places throughout the route.
  2. Trained tourist guide shall be made available in the tourist places during the programme.
  3. It will be ensured that waste disposal is done scientifically in all the hotels of the tourist department and installation of sewage treatment plant will be done.
  4. Training programmes for youth will be organised in the tourist places near the Narmada for generation of tourism based employment.

  1. The Hariyali Chunari scheme is prevalent in Forest Department, toxins from fertilizers and pesticides dissolve in water and are polluting the river water, this type of pollution can be prevented by planting more trees and watershed area treatment so thatflowing of polluted water into the river is obstructed and eroded soil is not coming and mixing in the river .
  2. Field preparation is undergoing for the scheme for the years 2015-16 in three forest circles North Sivni, Narsinghpur and Anooppur.
  3. Plantation activity is undergoing in 1391 hectare area in year 2015-16.
  4. Target of planting trees in 659 hectares has been planned for the scheme for the year 2016-17 in five forest circles North Sivni, Narsinghpur, Alirajpur, Dindori and Western forest circle.
  5. Other than the above activities, awareness programs on pollution control, organic farming and water conservation activities will be conducted for conservation of Narmada and its tributaries.