At a Glance

Narmada is the fifth largest river of Indian subcontinent.
Origin Peak of the Maikaal Mountain convergence in sea  Gulf of Khambat
Altitude from mean sea level  3500 feet length of river  1310 KM
Number of villages 1003 No. of   embankments   1107
Number of canals 766 Tributaries 100
Erosion 821places  Ashrams  263
Temples 290 Dharamshalas 161
Catchment area  36,000 sq.Mile  Forest areas 65,600 sq.miles
Hills /Mountains  Vindyanchal & Satpuda Flow of river  Towards west in between the Vindhyachal and Satpura mountains

Major Tributaries - Hiran, Tendoni, Baarna, Kolar, Maan, Uri,Orsang, Budhner, Banjar, Sher, Shakkar, Dudhi, Tawa, Ganjaal,Small Tawa,Kundi,Goi,Karzan,Veda,Sukta(major tributaries 21)