Pilgrimage of Narmada

Sri .Narmada mandir, Narmada udgamsthali Amarkantak, a small village is situated in mountain range of Vindhya and Satpura hills from where the river Narmada originates from the hill which is shaped like mouth of a cow.It is said that it was the place of meditation for great saints like Maikaal, Vyas and the sages like Brighu etc.There is no concrete evidence about the construction of Narmada Mandir here, historical evidences shows that it was built by Kadchuli around twelfth century. Narmada Udgam Kund (birth place of Narmada) was built by Rewa Nayak (his idol gives the clue). After so many years,Bhonsle, the king of Nagpur gave the shape to Narmada Mandir, later Maharani Devi Ahilya renovated this temple .A mega complex of temples with idols of gods and goddesses is built around the temple.Idol of a elephant and a horse is placed here on which ,statues of Lakhan and Uddal are placed which are supposed to be damaged during the Aurangjeb period.
Mai ki Bagia 1Km distance from Mai Ki Bagia in South Direction. Sonmudha is the birth place of Narmada tributary Sonbhadra, where two ponds (kund ) named Sona(son of god Brahma), and Bhadra join together to form Sonbhadra, and flows from here. There is a water fall also in the name of Sonbhadra(300ft.ht.) at a distance of 150Kms from here.
Sonmudha 1Km distance from Narmada mandir in East Direction is Mai ki Bagia . Also called 'Charanotdak kund' . It is known for its natural beauty. According to the folk tale prevalent among the villagers, Narmada used to play at this place with her friend, a beautiful girl named Gulbakavali, a 12 year girl, at her tender age. Hence the name Narmadamai. 'Gulbakavali is actually' impersonation of a plant.
Kapildhara At About 6 Km distance from Narmada mandir in West Direction.Here is the rivers first waterfal ,the famous ' Kapildhara' (100ft. ht.20 ft. width) which falls at a very high speed.
Doodhdhara At About 6 Km distance from Narmada mandir in West Direction, 'Doodhdhara', Narmada's second water fall flows from a height of 10 ft. the place is very beautiful and attractive.
Pracin Karanmath Background Study of Kalchury Dynasty reveals that Devvrat and Raja Karan were very powerful rulers and skilled administrators. It seems that the era was rich spiritually, morally and religiously. Looking to the artistic nature of the temples, it seems that Amarkantak has been developed by Kalchury Raja Karan (1042 B.C.).
Pataaleshwar Mandir Special feature of this Pataaleswar Mahadev temple is that it is built in pataal-underground (10ft.), below the surface of the earth.'Jagadguru Sankaracharya' inaugurated this temple. Religious importance of this place is due to the miracle – on last Monday of the month of Sravan (around 21st August), every year waters of Narmada furiously flows above the 'shivling (Mahadev/lord Shiva)'. It is believed that Narmada wants to bath lord Shiva. This miraculous event happens only on that day, not in any of the other intensely rainy days, which is beyond the imagination of scientists.
Sri Vishnumandir Amarkantak
Dhunipani This is situated at About 4 Km distance from Narmada mandir, near 'Bhrigkamandal' the story goes like this: while a 'Sadhu' (saint) was under deep meditation ,water emerged out of the meditating pyre ('Dhooni') and calmed it down
Kabir Chabutara Aashram 'Kabir Chabutara Aashram' is at About 5 Km distance from Narmada mandir in south west direction. pilgrims performing holy pilgrimage of a 'parikrama' or circumambulation of the river, visit this place. People who wants to enrich themselves with philosophy of Kabir, visit this beautiful, quiet and peaceful place, where Kabir attained the knowledge of his soul and God and wrote poetry ' Kabir doha' (couplets), full of wisdom. At this place is 'Kabirkund' , where mother Narmada appears like milk ('dugdhdhara'), from 6 to 10 am.in the morning daily.
Dharampani Kalimata mandir The pilgrimage 'Arandi sangam' is situated at About 3 Km distance from Narmada 'mandir' in West Direction. River Erandi and Narmada culminate at this place and it is believed that person dying at this place get to live It is said that taking bath in this river would be get ridden of all the sins and all their wishes are fulfilled.
Brigh Kamandal The pilgrimage 'Arandi sangam' is situated at About 3 Km distance from Narmada 'mandir' in West Direction. It is said that taking bath in this river would be get ridden of all the sins and all their wishes are fulfilled.
Brighu Kamandal Situated at 1Km distance from Narmada 'mandir'.
Sree Barphani Aashram At About 100 meters distance from Narmada 'mandir' in East Direction
Sree Yantra Mahameru mandir 1\2 Km distance from Narmada 'mandir' in South Direction, construction of this 'Sreeyantrmahameru mandir' (52 Lx52 Wx52H) is going on , under the guidance of Sree Sukendranath maharaj, at large scale. It can be compared to the Rameswaram, Puri Jagannath, Badrinath and Dwarkapeeth, because of its spirituality .The temple is based on the knowledge imparted by Agasthya known as Padmavad padh.According to a sanskrit shloka just a look (darshan) of shree yantra gives punya that is equal to taking bath in one crore fifty lakh pilgrim places.
Kalyan Aashram At About 1 Km distance from Narmada 'mandir' in West Direction
Mritunjay Aashram 'Mritunjay Aashram' established by Ekrasandji maharaj in the name of god Mritunjay. Devotees pray to all gods of Hindu religion for the welfare of the society. Poor students are provided with food and shelter and provide the opportunity to serve in the cattle (cows)sheds. it is also playing major role in service of the narmada pilgrims.
Shanti kuti Situated at about 1 Km distance from Narmada 'mandir' in West
Sri Aadinath jain mandir Situated at about 1 Km distance from Narmada 'mandir' in West
Sankaracharya Aashram Situated at about 200 meters distance from Narmada 'mandir' in South
Amarnathghat Situated in village: Farrisemar; P.O. Porki; Block: Pushprajghar; District : Anuppur
Belghat Situated in village: Navatola; P.O. khati; Block: Pushprajghar; District : Anuppur
Ramghat Situated in village: Padaria; P.O. Khati; Block: Pushprajghar; District : Anuppur
Sivni Sangam ghat Situated in village: Sivanisangam; P.O. damehdi Block: Pushprajghar; District : Anuppur
Tulasighat Situated in village: Thadpathar P.O. Ghavghar; Block: Pushprajghar; District : Anuppur
Chandanghat Situated in village: P.O. Kachhratola; Block: Pushprajghar; District : Anuppur
Dudhighat Situated in village: Dudhi; P.O. Tulra Block: Pushprajghar; District : Anuppur

Arandisangam It is situated on kapildhara road, river Arandi culminates with river narmada here. Here is the place of sri 1008 'yogiraj' swami 'Sairam maharaj' ,the place is charged with religious fervor and devotion.
Chakratirth Situated at Kapildhara road, block: Karanjia
Babaghat Situated at Kapildhara road; block: Karanjia; the river flows in its baby form .narrowly. Here lives baba (religious guru) Vyas the follower of Kabir (existentialism) . lodging and boarding arrangement is there for pilgrims.
Kapildhara Situated in Kapildhara block: Karanjia is situated at a distance of 5 Kms. From Amarkantak. It is one of the waterfalls (80 ft.) of the river named after the sage Kapil, which is everflowing.
Ramghat Situated in village: Harratola, block: Karanjia
Bhimkundi Situated in village: Bhimkundi, block: Karanjia
Shivnisangam Situated in village: Gorakhpur, block: Karanjia
Shivlayghat Maziakhar , shobhapur block: bajag
Chandanghat Situated in village: shukulpura, block: Bajag
Narmadaghat Situated in village: Madhiyaras, block: Dindori
Rinmukeswarmandir Situated in village:Kukurramat,kudha road; block: Samnapur
Ramghat Situated on the left side of the Amarkantak road at a distance of 7 Kms. From District head quarters, Ramghat towards North direction and Lakman mandavaghat towards south direction.The river bifurcates in to two channel in between which is an island. This is a famous tourist place because of its beauty and religious importance that Lord 'Sriram' visited the site after completion of his education to pay his respect to river Narmada; hence Ramghat and in south direction is Laxman 'mandva'. Pongal festival and Narmada Jayanti are celebrated in grand scale by organizing Fair etc.
Demghat & Kasighat Demghat & Kasighat of Dindori are situated on the North and south banks of Narmadaganj. Temples are Narmadaji, Vittalji, Khermai-Shivji mandir; Rathore and Bilaiyya 'Dharamsalas' ( a home for pilgrims which offer accommodation and food at free of cost)situated here ,are open for 24 hours. More than one thousand pilgrims performing 'Parikrama'(circumambulation) of the river take bath in this holi river. Festivals like 'Sankranthi', 'Shivratri' and Narmada 'Jayanthi' are celebrated here.
Jogtikiyakaran Jabalpur road; block : Dindori
Devnala Situated at a distance of 23 kms. From district head quarters on Khurda road.. The river constantly flows from the hills at height of 50ft. which falls on the 'shivling' .it is a centre of meditation for spirituals. Here Shivratri is celebrated on grand scale.
Kukarramat Situated at a distance of 13 kms. From the district head quarters in the village Kukarramat ,at one side of Amarkantak road. Aadisankarachrya established this temple of lord Shiva named Rinmukteswar 'mandir'(soul is free from all the worldly affairs-dettachment),hence the historical significance). Another story is that the Swami, impressed by the quality of faithfulness of the dog (kukarin Sanskrit means dog) towards its master, the templeof Kukarramat is being built.
Malpuran kanau nadisangam Situated in village : Malpur ; Block : Shahpura
Kutrai Situated in village : Kutrai ; Block : Mehendwani

Sahastradhara First encampment of river Narmada in Mandla, situated at a distance of 295 kms. From Amarkantan, on northern bank of the river famous for its beautiful sites , riverghats, temples and Sahastradhara waterfall. Epic tale is that raja Sahasrabahu (thousand hands0, applying his energy with his thousand hands stopped the river for camping; hence the significance.
Rangrejghat It’s the oldest ghat in mandla ,the rangrej (people who colour textile) used to do the work of colouring clothes here hence , it is called 'rangrej ghat' .
Hanumanghat Meditation Place of Swami Sitaramji. 'Samadhi' of 'Swami' Sitaram and 'Hanumanmandir' to visit.
Shivanand Aasram Established by a south Indian saint, lodging and boarding is provided to the pilgrims here.
Bhelghat Aasram Named after the tree Bhel (medicinal plant; its leaves are offered to Lord 'Shiva ' ). Saint Rambharathi offer his services to the pilgrims here.
Shringrihi Aashram Village; Singarpur; here, a sage performed penance (tapasya) to appease the river and acquired her presence. Due to intensity of his penance, he acquired 'sring' (horns), hence the name.
Jamadagni Aashram Devgaon; it is a place of union of rivulet Bhudhner and Narmada where the god Parasuram and a sage named Jamadagni performed 'tapasya', hence the name.
Ramnagarmahal Situated at Ramnagar
Sri. Mohanbaba Aashram there lived a saint called Mohanbaba, after whose name it is called and it has become a place of religious importance.
Kumhaghat Aashram Kumha; 1008 years old 'Aashram' of saint Balakdasji; religious centre for pilgrims.
Chiraidongri: famous for its 500 year old 'shivji' temple ,under the Banyan tree.
Engineerbaba Aashram Bhawal;place of meditation for 'Brahmcharyaji mahraj ji'; idols of Ram and Sita are here to worship.
Chirkuti Aashram 'Chiribrahmini ';ancient idols of Radha and Krishna are worshipped here.
Fakkadbaba ka Aashram Khamhariya; temple of Goddess Durga; spiritual 'baba' Fakkadbaba lived here.
Muldongaryghat Pindrai; people from distant places come here to offer prayers on the bank of Narmada; fair is organized at 'sankrati'.
Sangwa Aashram Sangwa; an ancient temple of Narmada; 'parikramavasi' come here for halt.
Berpanighat Berpanidevri ; pilgrims visit this place of Narmada temple.
Mailighat Budrapiparia ;people from distant places come here to offer prayers on the bank of Narmada; fair is organized at 'sankranti' .
Narmada temple. Situated at Garada
Nagababa ka Aashram Situated at Bijasen

Situated on the river ghat, the 'Aashram' is famous for its beauty and piousness; this place is not only important for pilgrims but also for the tourists from all over the world. Here Narmada water has got a characteristic trait that it can change the dead matter of plants and animal into fossils due to presence of some salt (chemical) ; many foreigners visit this place for the purpose of research
Narmada mandir ghat piparia
Narmada mandir ghat Chhappal
Kalkutighat People from distant places come here to offer prayers on the bank of Narmada;this is the largest natural embankment ,a large fair is organized at the occasion of 'makar sankranti'; clear water of Narmada flows through Gangda village
Tikaria ka mandir Situated at Khajari gangai
Mataji ka Aashram Situated at Bueohari

Panchvati Bedaghat 19 kms. From Jabalpur; here union of 'Vamanganga' (rivulet of Narmada) and Narmada takes place ; hence the name beda-union, 'Ghat'-a place on the river bank. On either side of the river flow, stands a 100ft wall of marble rocks; river makes the sound (simhanaad).
Chousatjogini Bhedaghat Temple housing the Idol portraying the marriage of 'Shivji ' ; surrounded by sculptures of 'yakshini' 64(chousat-64)numbered, broken by Mughl emperor Aurangjeb.
Dhuadhar 'Dhuadhar' is water flow of Narmada through the marble rocks, situated 3 kms. from Bedaghat
Tilwaraghat Tilwaraghat: a bridge is constructed over the river. Under this bridge is shanidham At which 'aarati' is performed.
Gwarighat 'Gwarighat' is structured in a systematic manner. Here is the Narmada mandir and a 'Gurudwara' which hosts the 'langar' (distribution of Prasad to the visitors ).So many ancient temples are here. 'Puja' and 'aarti' of ma Narmada is performed daily.A complex of so many temples is here

Hansighat After Jabalpur, Narsihgpur, Moleswar 'mandir' is housed on the Rewa bank. Wooden bridge over the river constructed by the Britishers.Fairs are organized on every 'Purnima' (fullmoon), 'Amavasya' (newmoon), Makar sankraanti' and 'Narmada jayanti'.
Brahmakund : It was a place of meditation for Lord 'Brahmaji'; Narmada 'mandir' also situated here.
Mahadev Piparia 'Jabareshwar nath' temple of Lord 'Shankarji' is 200 years old; it is said that his magnanimous 'shivling' is natural one and it kept on increasing until it was nailed down. Fairs are organized here on every 'Purnima' (fullmoon),'Amavasya' (newmoon), 'Makar sankraanti' and 'Narmada jayanti' .
Karaihya Narmada Named after the 'Rishi Karadhwaj' , who performed the 'tapasya' for narmada.
Heerapur A 300 years old 'Sangameswar mandir' is the religious centre .
Samnapur An ancient temple of Lord 'Shiva' and 'Nirankar aashram'
Chinki Devotees come here to take bath;. Fairs are organized here on every 'Purnima' (fullmoon),'Amavasya' (newmoon), 'Makar sankraanti' and 'Narmada jayanti'.
Barman kala Temples of Lord 'Shiva' & 'Ganpathi', in Burman art, 'Shree Chinthdevika madhia,Garudh sthamb Gaurishankar & LakshmiNarayan mandir' New Jain 'mandir,Hardaul Khairapathi math (Bari Madhia),Chitragupth mandir, Someshwar Mahadev Mandir,Dev Dattatreya Mandir,Sreeram Janaki mandir, Sree Dev Radha Manmohan ka mandir'. Fairs are organized here on every 'Purnima' (fullmoon),'Amavasya'(newmoon), 'Makar sankraanti' and Narmada 'jayanti'.
Barman Khurd Ancient temple of Rani Durgawthi decorated with 12 beautiful sculptures. The river bank of this area is known as 'reth ghat' (sand bed). One month long fair is organized here during 'Sankranthi'.
Heerapur Raja Rajeswari temple of Heerapur on river bank of Narsinghpur and Raisen is the meditation centre of Shadmukhanand 'Mahraj'.
Linga Temple of 'Shivji' at 'Lingaghat & Saptadhara ,Suryakund'; the water here cures the skin diseases.
Bilthari Meditation place of Raja Bali; a 7 day Balisthari Theerth ('mela' ) is organized on the occasion of 'Sankranti'.
Sokalpur Here lived a 'swamiji' (religious leader) with great will power at Sokalpur'pathaighat' , who spent 15 years in meditation, on Narmada water, without having staple food. He is also famous for his narcotic campaign. He is building a magnificent temple on the 'Neelkunth ghaat'
Khakaria 'Khakara mahraj' temple & 'Rajarajeswari' temple

Godaganv mat: It is situated at about 35 km. distance from Harda,a district place, in Timrani block. The name of this ‘math’ is mentioned in history books, according to which it is existed even before the Britishers’ rule when kings ruled the country. One can witness the relics of a lion which was hunted by the‘Raja(king).The patron of this 'math' is 'Shivnarayan giriji' .
Cheechot kuti Here is an old library ,so many books written in different foreign languages about Hindu religion are kept here. Research Scholars from all over the world visit this library for reference purpose. It was built by late 'Shri. Hanumandasji mahraj' .
Handia Situated at 20 km’s distance from Harda,a district place, in Timrani block. This is the important religious centre for devotees to visit ,which situated exactly in the middle of Narmada river . There is Ridthinath temple, the famous place for pilgrimage on the bank,Nemavar(Dewas district), is located on the other bank.

Rewa Bankhedighat Ancient 'Ramjaanki' temple is situated here.
Surajkundghat Ancient temple of 'Shivji & Parwathiji' .Looks of these idols changes three times a day.
Bandrbhanghat It is one of the most popular ghats of hoshangabad , it the place of union of river narmada and Tawa
Sethanighat Old Narmadapur is renovated by Hoshag shah ('raja'); first rays of sun falls 'ghat' . Mela is organized at sometimes.
Kharkhedighat Place of union of Tawa and Narmada
Onvalighat Onvalighat was built by a rich woman named Putlibai.

Omkareswar/Mamaleswar: District: Khandwa; block : Punasa ,75 kms. From both the cities Indore and Khandwa. One of the twelve 'Jyotirlings' (icon of God 'Shiva')/'parameswarling' , two incarnations of God 'Shiva-Omkareswar' and 'Mamaleswar mandir' is situated here , The river flows along the hills in the shape of the Hindi letter ohm (ƺ);the sound produced by the God 'Brahma' has got so much importance for believers of Hindu religion.
Singhaji Samadhi sthal Situated in district: Khandwa; block : Harsud 'Samadhi sthal'(Memorial of ) of 'Singhaji' (where he is laid to peace).It is a 100 years old religious place .It is belived that wishes are fulfilled if people worship here. When this place came in the backwater of Indira Sagar Project ,a 60 ft.high platform was created and temple was restablished. Ceremonies are performed on birth and death anniversaries of Sant 'Singaji 'Pilgrims are provided free lodging and boarding.There is a Gowshala here where arrangement for stay is also available .A 15 day 'mela' is also organized here on 'Sharad purnima'.

Maheshwar kila Situated in Maheshwar kila District: Khargone; block : Maheshwar; it is a place of built in significance of Lord 'Mahadev’s victory over the demons. Various temples of lord Shiva, viz. 'Maheshwar shivalay', East to vindhyavasini, 'Kaleswar shivalay,Jwaleshwar shivalay' in the west are 'swayambhu' (appear on their own); In Treta-yjug, king Mahishman, of 'Mahishmati' kingdom made it the capital. Jagatguru Sankaracharya, in kali-yjug changed its name into Maheshwar in the name God Mahesh ( 'Shivji'). It has become a famous tourist place because of its scenic beauty.
Shaliwahan Mandir Situated in District: Khargone; block : Kasrawad; 'Shaliwahan Mandir' also called 'Swarna mandir' ,surrounded by Narmada river. Boarding arrangement is there for the devotees.
Sahastradhara Epic tale tells that 'Sahastrabahu' (thousand hands), during war between him and Parasuram, using the energy of his thousand hands ,made an effort to stop the river from flowing but it flowed through his fingers; hence called Sahastradhara .
Gangatkhedi A 'shivling' is placed on a rectangular stoned temple in the middle of the river to worship.the river flows in east direction on the day of Dasehara.
Peshwa bajirao ki samadhi The Samadhi (the mound where Bajirao laid to rest) is constructed by Sindhe Sardar of Gwalior, at Raverkhedi .Pilgrims rarely visit this place ,because there is no lodging and boarding facility.

Rajghat Ashes of Mahatma Gandhi are immersed here in Narmada.
Bawangaja 15 Kms. Ditaance from Shukleshwar, near Badwani, viilage Bawangaja, in thick forests of Satpuda 52 ft. hill top , is the magnificient (84ft.) idol of Aadinath.It is a jain pilgrimage.A Hindu temple 'Dattatreya' also situated on top of Bawangaja hill is called 'Dattatreya Paduka' . Jains believe that this place as meditation place of Meghnath and Kumbkarn.

Beznathmandir Khakaraghat Situated in District: Alirajpur; block : Sondwa; village : Khakarana; an ancient temple Beznathmandir of Khakrana ghat.Devotees visit this place to take bath in the River Narmada on the occasion of full moon night , at present the priest Rameshji mahraj is offering his services at this temple.

'Eswardasji Mahraaj' conducts a religious ceremony at every full moon and 'Sadavrat' for pilgrims.
Koteswarkotada Here is an ancient temple of lord Shiva. . It is said that one would attain ‘moksha’(union with God), by visiting this one temple, as if he had visited one crore 'teerth' (temples of lord Shiva). It was the place of austerity for Meghnath. Both the rivers Uri and Bagni unite into one river here.
Manavar Bodhwarmahadev This place attained prominence because it has been mentioned in Narmada 'puran'(story of Narmada)
Ma Narmada mandir,Barda This place attained prominence because it has been mentioned in Narmada 'puran'.
Chidi Sangam Sivmandirkotda This place attained prominence because it is being mentioned in Narmada 'puran' .
Beth sansthan Dharampuri A temple of lord Shiva (set by Yudhistar the Elder brother of 'Pandavas') is situated at the centre of mountain range of Vindhyachal and Satpuda hills. A religious place for devotees. Historical importance : Rani Roopmati used to offer prayer the river daily.
Khal Ghat People enjoy this place to enjoy aesthetic Beauty as well as for its religious importance.

Nemawar Narmada temple (Narmadakund) is situated at' nabhisthal 'ie; exactly between two ends of the river. It is said that Bhimsen (son of Pandu in Mahabharat) turned around the face of the temple.hence it has a mythological importance and it is a sacred place for pilgrims.Religious festivals are celebrated every year during the month of 'Chaitr' and 'Ashwin'.
Raja Dharmeswar performed 'Tapasya '(penance) and built this temple.
Seethamandir Here is the hermit of sage Valmiki, where Lav and Kusha (twin sons of Ram & Sita)were born. The occasion of Shivratri (birth & marriage day of lord Shiva) is celebrated for 8days with gaiety.
Barasur taposthali
Meditation place of Barasur; it is said that'Shivlinga' of God 'shiva' was prepared by nature itself and immersed in Narmada here. 'Shivlingas' are prepared from nature are considered the most pious.
Kawadia pahar Built by Bhim.
Sitasamadhisthan 5kms. From Sitamandir. Sitaji ended her life here. Nearby this place is ‘Ghorapachaad’ where Lav & Kush caught the 'Ashwa' (Horse) released by Ram.

Dadaji dhuniwale Swami Shivanandji Mahraj or Dadaji Dhuniwale is named after a man who created Dhuni- Which is live even today at Chapner,he spent his life for so many years in 'tapasya' (penance). Here is a 'dharamshaala' that can accommodate 500 devotees at a time.
Narmadaji mandir Situated at distance of 15 kms. from the village Seelkanth. 'Swami Brahmanandji Maharaj' has built the Narmada temple and a (huge hall )'yajnasala' to offer prayers to fire god for world peace. Mass marriages are conducted here free of cost. Stay and food arrangement is there for the devotees,
Hansheswar mandir Situated at 8 Kms.from Mandi is the Hansheswar mandir; here Narmada takes the turn due to which the river takes the shape of Crescent moon. Here is a cave in which so many saints spent their lives in 'tapasya' (penance).
Neelkanteswar Mandir Situated at a distance of 10kms. From the village Nasrullaganj. Kola river unites here with Narmada.'Neelkanteswar mandir' is situated at this place. 'yagna' (worshiping gods for world peace) is performed on the occasion of 'Shivratri' every year.
Aanleswar maha
Situated in Village: Aanvalighat, Mandal : Bijasandham; 9 Km. from Salkanpur; it is mentioned in ‘NarmadaPuran’ that ‘Pandavas’ lived here for 12 years; hence the historical significance; an ancient ‘Aonleshwar mahadevmandir’ is there.
Suryakund It is situated at 1.5 Kms. From Hathnora of Budhni Highway No.15. Here Sun god performed penance. It is believed that by taking bath in the river, for five Sundays, before sunrise,leprosy can be cured.
Goleswarmandir 3kms. Distance from Budhni Highway No.12, situated in the centre of the village Gwadia; it is said that this ‘Goleswar’ temple is 100-110 years old having the tombs so many saints. ‘Karunadham Aasram’ near this temple arranges 'sadavrat' for the pilgrims.

Brighksetr a Mandakiniganga Meditation place of 'Rishi Brighu'; ‘Mandakini’ Ganga emerged in this place to culminate into the river Narmada.
Garuneswarmandir Epic story goes like this. Garuda-king of birds , near to the Lord 'Vishnu' once did penance here to attain immortality. Here is also one Temple of Lord 'Shiva' , where so many saints spent their lives in penance.
Naradeswar teerth Epic story tell us that 'Narad muni' performed penance here. Hence the name; Swami Mahendanandji renovated this ‘teerth’.
Vaman teerth It is situated at the place where the Barana 'nadi' ( rivulet) mingle with the river Narmada. Here is one Temple of Lord 'Shiva' and an 'Aashram'.
Pandavdeep Todoni 'nadi' join with river Narmada here. It is said that the ‘Pandavas’ performed the ‘yagna’ (ritual performed to appease gods for world peace), the ‘bhasm’ (holy ash) still exists here.
Mangaleswar teerth One attains the stage trance when he reaches this’teerth’.Saints like 'Paramhansji Dudhadhariji' ,'Vapoliwale Guruji' had meditated here to attain ‘Moksha’ (union of soul with God).
Ketudham An ancient temple is here. It is named ‘Ketudham’ because Ketu performed ‘tapasya’ to release him from the curse.
Vilkeswar teerth An ancient ‘Bholenath’ temple is here where so many saints spent their lives in penance
Ram-Janki mandir 3300 years old Temple of ‘Ram-Janki’ is here. Also runs a Sanskrit library.
Janakeswar teerth Situated in the waters of the river Narmada. It has been mentioned in the epics. It seems, even today, the river Narmada is bathing the 'Shivling' (Lord 'Shiva') with its natural flow.
Patai It represents the Indian heritage. It is a beautiful and sacred place where so many saints spent their lives in penance.